I am strongly influenced by the years of experience with a historic Italian company with international interests. This allows me to use theoretical tools of intellectual property and at the same time to combine them with practical choices that depend from the necessities and dynamics of the company.

I love being a team with my clients, as I was a member of their company. My past experiences taught me that a company is a whole body, which can move forward only if everyone does perfectly his job. It is made of people, and, if successful, everyone who works for it will benefit.

I feel satisfaction when I am able to explain complex and confused themes with simple words.

Instead of working in a repetitive and sterile way I like understanding the inventions deeply to grasp their essence and put it in the patent text.

Writing a patent application is a creative act and a really deep intellectual effort: it means giving a written body to an invention, grasping its essence and trying to build a defense wall for every possible future troubles that text will have to face, from the substantial exam to a dispute.

Filing a patent is like launching a ship and providing security bulkheads for the journey is my job.

Considering the effort my work takes, I can affirm that my greatest satisfaction lays in the earning of my clients’ trust and esteem.

IP Consultant


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